I’m Milan Švehla, designer and programmer based in Czech republic currently working in Zlin. For the last eight years I developed websites used by thousands of people and worked with numerous non-profits and agencies.

I was studying at the technical lycee in Třebíč (Czech Republic). I’ve founded student’s magazine there and started working at the first agency. I put my hands on Photoshop as well as communicating with clients between four eyes and got paid for my first website.

Moving to Zlin after finishing my maturita exam meant to begin thinking more conceptually and the need to discipline myself in the professional life.

Being a student of two university degrees in parallel, Digital design atelier and Faculty of applied informatics, means a lot new knowledge for me both in arts & culture in general and in applied informatics and programming.

University provided me with valuable opportunity to study in Austria for a while. I am being an active member of Student union and proud member of the university Academic senate.

Currently I continue to deliver web apps for diverse clients across the market.

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