Board contains a snippets of personal work, photographs and experiments from the last years.

Group university assignment. Using a VR headset allows a person to experience for a while how is it to live with Alzheimer's disease. More info and videos on university webpage.
Adaptation of an old Czech song by V+W: Behind the Sea of Beer. The space where you can move without the need of accomplishing anything. Video
A thought about landing of an unidentified flying object on our demolished and unfriendly planet. Landart and video created in 2018.
Picture from a TV ident.
Interview with František eF Horvát on the Zlín Film Festival 2018 is available on YouTube (in czech language).
Attempt to save a tree from obvious death, like the healthcare who is trying to prolong people's lives in their very late stages of life without their willingness. Land art created in 2015.
Ritz Pitz music band from Třebíč, 2014
Mini-collection of photos from 2014 made for my high school - one of the portraits.
Video referring to shamanic and witchcraft history around Czech and Slovak border created during a plenary stay in 2016 in Kopanky.
Had a look on the recyclation base near Prague. 12k kgs of electronic equipment is brought here daily. We actually no longer have any gas, uran or petroleum, 80 % of lead is gathered through recyclation.  Everythig else is imported from Russia or China.