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Hotel Austerlitz

webdesign+coding 2018

I designed and coded website for a hotel at Slavkov u Brna thank so a cooperation with a photographer from Brno Ondřej Driml. Hotel is well known all around the Czech Republic not only for the golf, but also for the excellent Czech cuisine. Especially the quality of the cuisine was supposed to be highlighted on the new website, as specified by the hotel manager. In the process of making a website, new set of photos has been taken by Ondřej Driml and they play an important role in the layout.

Going a few iterations led us to the final graphic layout. With content management system implemented it allows the hotel staff to update the website regularly with new events organized by the hotel or with weekly menu. Text content has been written by online marketing specialist Vladan Košut, which cooperates with the hotel in a long-term on their strategy.

The solution allows the change of a website structure. The templates can be reused for different content and to present new services which the hotel may offer in the future.