Bauhaus Hammertime - Milan Švehla

Bauhaus Hammertime

game 2020

You’ve fallen out of your painting, can you get back safely? Bauhaus Hammertime is a 2D sidescroller game in which your goal is to overcome the obstacles of the dark corridor and make your way back home to your painting.

This little game prototype was created on Bauhaus University during a 8-bit of Bauhaus course in a team of three students over the course of one semester. It was a great way how to introduce myself into game development process and work in diverse environment.

Our team, assembled spontaneously during the first week of the semester, was consisting of visual artist, who was also the main concept owner, sound designer and coder (me). We would spend several weeks brainstorming ideas and prototyping concept visuals until we landed with a clear idea, that we want to make 2D platformer in 00’s style which would be ironic and a little funny.

Combining teamwork sessions where we would gesticulate crazy ideas over a Club Mate in attempt to overcome gloomy German weather and solo work phases where each of us was learning the software needed for the job, four bosses were formed in the game scenario, which the player would need to encounter in order to return to his painting.

Resulting game is indeed playable, although it should be considered as a prototype only. The play time is short, colliders inaccurate and proper testing was not done. Despite that, making it was enlightening experience, introducing me to many new concepts of Unity workflow and multidisciplinary team dynamics.


Nyiko Mucavele – concept and visuals
Hugh O’Flaherty – sound and posters
Milan Švehla – coding