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mobile app design 2017

“How to re-engage young generation with TV” was a college assignment which we were given from the Czech Television. It required a lot of research about how the young people consume content. Where do they read the news and how they are search for entertainment?

I started with the current state of the distribution system of the Czech Television and together with other creative ideas I put them into the mind map. Eventually I focused on building a distribution channel adjusted to modern era of the internet and smartphones.


For the needs of the new age where we consume content during a ride or in a few spare minutes I created a concept of a mobile app which enables the client to distribute news in the multimedia form on a daily basis. It can serve as an alternative to the current main evening news program on the Czech Television.

The user can personalize the content which is downloaded daily to his smartphone in the form of a lyrics video with a possibility to show extended information and links to the relevant articles.