Milan Švehla VR

World News

VR app prototype 2017

As the main project at the university where i was staying for my exchange semester we were assigned a topic “News”. In the context of the situation at that time it meant analyzing how the news are spread, how they are consumed and how do people evaluate the truth of the information they are absorbing.

In the groups of three, as this was a group project, we started to build user scenarios. We came up with a concept of prioritizing the place where the news were happening, instead of prioritizing the time when the event happened, which happens now with the current news. We chose virtual reality as a medium where we can transfer user nearly directly to the place where the event is happening.

The objective of the assignment was to present a prototype of the concept which would bring an innovative solution in the news topic. In our team we developed a concept and I was responsible for making it work in Unity, which was a great and challenging task.